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S82 Rock Drill-Torque is more than 10% higher than YT28 product

Views: 6     Author: Shenli machinery     Publish Time: 2022-09-19      Origin: Site

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未标题-1 拷贝

1、Strong gas control system: enhanced sealing, generating stronger rock drilling impact energy, tested in the field, under different rock conditions, the feed efficiency is 10%-25% higher than YT28.

2、Advanced rotary structure (won the national utility model patent): the torque is more than 10% higher than that of the YT28 product, which can be used smoothly in all kinds of complex rock conditions and exerts fast rock drilling efficacy.

3. Unique cooling and lubrication system (patented by the State Utility Model): two new cooling and lubrication systems are added to improve the operation efficiency of the machine, enhance the service life of the piston, brazing sleeve, and brazing rod, and reduce the replacement cost of parts and accessories.

4、Innovative flushing structure (national utility model patent pending): when the water pressure is higher than the wind pressure, the water injection valve automatically decompresses to prevent the water from backing up to the machine body to produce a stoppage, simple operation and more efficient operation.