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YT27 Air leg pneumatic rock drill pusher leg rock drill


Short Description:

The YT27 air-legged rock drill is a highly efficient lightweight rock drill suitable for downward or inclined drilling in medium-hard or hard (f=8 - 18) rock with a diameter of 34 - 45 mm and an effective drilling depth of up to 5 m.

Product Features:

1、The YT27 air leg rock drill has the features of strong function of blowing and cleaning the gun hole and high torque of turning to braze
2、In addition to the advantages of the YT27 air-legged rock drill, it also adopts the flange control valve to produce gas and other functions.
3、The YT27 air-legged rock drills are most suitable for rock drilling in large mines and roadway projects.
4、With air-water linkage, air-leg quick return, air pressure adjustment, and other mechanisms.
5、Control handles are concentrated around the handle, the mechanism is novel and easy to operate
6、The sound-deadening cover can effectively reduce noise and change the direction of exhaust at will, improving the working conditions on-site.

Application areas:

Railway, tunnel, highway, metallurgy, coal mine, water conservancy and hydropower construction projects.

Technical specifications:







Bit Head Size:


Air Consumption:

≤80 L/S

Percussive Frequency:

≥36.7 Hz

Impact Energy:

≥75.5 J

Boreholes Diameter:


Piston Diameter:


Piston Stroke:


Working Air Pressure:

0.63 Mpa

Working Water Pressure:

0.3 Mpa

Drilled Holes Depth:


Innovation meets superior design in the form of YT27 air leg rock drill - a groundbreaking product backed by cutting-edge technology. Its ultimate goal - to cater to large mines and roadway developments through optimum engineering capability. This powerful equipment packs impressive torque capabilities while sporting an efficient function for blowing and cleaning gun holes - leaving no stone unturned when it comes to performance efficiency.

A hallmark trait of YT27 lies in its unique flange control valve element designed for exceptional gas production among other functionalities - making it both technologically advanced yet user-friendly as well. Such advancements reflect its ability to transform work productivity while significantly uplifting working conditions in mining industries worldwide today.What’s more? Air-water linkage,air-leg quick return,and adjustable pressure mechanisms serve as extra innovative highlights which further distinguishes this exceptional equipment from existing pusher leg drills on offer.

When it comes to efficiency and comfort for miners during work few tools can match the YT27 air leg rock drill. But what makes this pusher leg rock drill exceptional?

For one thing it has been rigorously tested and designed to deliver outstanding results even under harsh conditions - setting it apart from other devices in its class. Ideal for large mines and roadway projects alike this tool boasts robust construction that can endure rigorous work settings without sacrificing reliability or efficiency. Thanks to features like an air leg quick return system that enhances user safety levels significantly - operating this device becomes both practical and reliable.

In summary: The YT27 pneumatic rock drill is quite simply engineered to meet modern miners needs expertly. It stands out from other similar devices thanks to innovative elements like flange control valves or modern mechanisms like air water linkage or pressure adjustment techniques. Experience enhanced efficiency, comfort, and safety with the YT27 - a true game changer in rock drilling technology.

The investment into this innovative equipment promises to elevate productivity levels within your mining operations. Choose to stay ahead of your competition by adopting this cutting edge piece of machinery today!

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