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TPB40 Air breaker pavement Paving Breaker air concrete breaker Pneumatic pick


Product introduction:

Tpb-40 pneumatic crushing pick is a tool powered by compressed air.The compressed air is distributed to both ends of the cylinder block in turn to make the hammer body reciprocate impact the end of the drill, chisel the drill into the concrete layer, make it split into blocks.


SHNNLI paving breakers are used in road construction and building foundation work site and used to break high-strength concrete.

High Durability Long Life:

Alloy steel forged parts provide maximum durability.

Original front head design for high durability.

Removable bushing to protect wear of front head.

Ergonomic Series Available:

Anti-vibration handle is available for workers healthcare.


Forged latch retainer for quick chisel change.

4 bolts handle type for low running cost

Technical parameter:



Piston diameter(mm)


Piston stroke(mm)




Net weight(KG)


Total length(mm)


Air consumption(m³)


Air tube size(mm)


Brazing tail specification(mm)


Size of air inlet(P/T)


The SHNNLI paving breakers represent a revolutionary solution for demanding work sites such as those involved in road construction or foundation building projects requiring breaking tough concrete. These powerful machines boast maximum durability capabilities thanks to their innovative front head design that guarantees outstanding performance even under extreme conditions.

Constructed using alloy steel forged parts, they can be trusted as reliable tools by construction industry professionals operating on projects of varying difficulties knowing they will not fail them easily or too soon. In addition to their robustness, these breakers feature removable bushings minimizing wear-and-tear on the front head which ultimately extends its lifespan considerably.

However, we haven't neglected safety concerns; this range comes equipped with user-friendly anti-vibration handles designed for ergonomics prioritizing comfort without sacrificing performance levels - making TPB40 air breaker pavement models and paving breaker air concrete pick pneumatics ideal options for working more efficiently. Construction projects require plenty of hard work and dedication- which is why we've created a product that can make one of the toughest tasks much easier: breaking through high strength concrete.

With SHNNLIs paving breakers on hand workers can quickly complete challenging jobs without sacrificing quality. The key to our success lies in our robust yet user friendly design; making it simple for anyone involved in construction work to use them efficiently.

Furthermore thanks to their resilient build quality and superior materials; minimal maintenance is required even with frequent usage. At SHNNLI our passion for excellence drives us forward- we strive not just for first class products but also unbeatable customer service too.

Whether you're working as a builder or engineer -we have got you covered with versatile paving breakers that can withstand even the most trying conditions.

For a top quality product that is designed to go the distance theres only one choice: SHNNLI. Choose us for all your paving breaker needs and feel the difference that true quality makes.

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