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TCA7(G7)Pneumatic Pick Air Shovel Cement Crusher Pneumatic Chipping Hammer


Product introduction:

Adopted Japan's Toku technology, the air picks with proven forging technology are durable, lightweight and good performance, and easy to operate. Mainly used for.

Breaking concrete, breaking permafrost, breaking the ice; road repair, planing pits, trenching; mining soft rock, coal mining, etc. Replacement attachments can be used for such as loading and unloading track pins and other construction work that requires impact is more flexible and lighter than similar products, suitable for all-round work, especially in small working spaces, upward or ascent. It is also very popular as an air shovel.


High durability and long life

Durable forging body, long service life.

Replaceable bushing prevents cylinder wear.

Simple to operate and maintain

The automatic push-up mechanism, smooth operation.

Lightweight, easy to operate.

Simple structure, few parts, easy maintenance.

Technical parameters.

External dimensions (L×W×H)


Machine weight


Piston diameter


Stroke of hammer body


Weight of hammer body


Working air pressure


Impact energy

(0.49 Mpa) ≥30J

Impact frequency

(0.49 Mpa) ≥21.6Hz

Air consumption

(0.49 Mpa) ≤20L/S

diameter of air pipe


Introducing the TCA7(G7) Pneumatic Pick Air Shovel Cement Crusher Pneumatic Chipping Hammer - an exceptional tool known for its durability and long-lasting performance. Built with a robust forging body, it remains intact even in harsh environments and demanding working conditions.

The product's replaceable bushing further contributes to its longevity by preventing cylinder wear while ensuring maximum durability. Plus, the automatic push-up mechanism guarantees seamless operation while minimizing downtime - making way for increased productivity levels at work! Furthermore, lightweight construction allows for effortless handling of the TCA7(G7) pick air shovel cement crusher pneumatic chipping hammer that makes it an ideal choice for tasks requiring high levels of precision, power, speedability! Its simple structure with minimal parts facilitates easy maintenance while keeping you informed about technical parameters necessary for safe usage. Whether you are in mining or construction or involved in road or bridge repairs- this versatile tool has got you covered! When confronted with demanding tasks requiring precision in chipping away at materials such as concrete or asphalt - reach first for the incomparable TCA7(G7) Pneumatic Pick Air Shovel Cement Crusher Pneumatic Chipping Hammer! With its ultra responsive trigger mechanism and commanding power output from its robust motor - theres simply no job this tool can't handle with ease.

And thanks to its exceptionally sturdy construction you're assured of many years of faithful service. In conclusion the TCA7(G7) Pneumatic Pick Air Shovel Cement Crusher Pneumatic Chipping Hammer stands head and shoulders above all others in terms of its durability, ease of operation and maintenance.

So why wait? Place your order today and experience the unequalled power and performance of this outstanding product!

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