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S82 Air leg pneumatic rock drill pusher leg rock drill


Scope of application:

Model S82 air-legged rock drills are heavy-duty air-legged rock drills with high efficiency and low consumption, which are especially suitable for use in the construction of railroads, highways, hydropower, etc. They are also a substitute product for metallurgy, coal and other mining roadway boring and various rock drilling operations.

S82 air-leg rock driller is suitable for drilling horizontal and inclined holes in soft to hard rocks, the diameter of the gun hole is generally φ34-45mm, and the effective and economic drilling depth is 5m, and it can be equipped with FT160A air-leg, FT160C long air-leg and FT160B air-leg according to the size of the roadway section and the operating conditions, and it can also be equipped with drilling car or drilling frame for dry and wet rock drilling





Cylinder diameter(mm)


Piston stroke(mm)


Working air pressure


Impact energy(J)




Air consumption(L/S)




Percussive frequency(Hz)








Use water pressure(Mpa)


Boreholes diameter(mm)


Drilled holes depth(M)


Operating temperature(℃)


Bit head size(mm)


For those looking for an exceptional drilling tool that is highly efficient and user-friendly across different applications such as road construction projects or hydroelectric facilities the S82 air-leg rock drill is your perfect solution! This powerful machine can also serve as an excellent substitute for coal mining or other comparable mining practices requiring high-quality drilling equipment.

What sets this pneumatic rock drill apart from others on the market is its strong motor designed for minimal energy consumption when working under heavy loads which optimizes operation time while significantly augmenting overall productivity! The pusher leg design ensures reliable stability during operation facilitating accurate drilling angles; hence impeccable results are achieved consistently.

With its impressive maximum depth rate of 5 meters combined with its agile compact build structure makes the S82 air-leg rock drill suitable even for confined spaces like underground mines delivering superior performance every time! The S82 air leg rock drill is a testament to safety conscious design featuring an automatic shut off valve that stops all operations when encountering a hard obstacle effectively preventing accidents from happening.

Additionally the unit cleans surrounding environments effortlessly by eliminating dust and debris through its onboard ventilation system ensuring proper breathability for everyone present at the drilling site. Maintenance won't pose any problem as components are well designed making replacements or repairs straightforward leading to less downtime for you! Robust and reliable this machine was built to go above and beyond delivering high performance results every time while requiring minimal energy saving costs on electricity bills. Renowned for being one of the best tools out there today with its compact design boasting easy maintenance needs and sturdiness that guarantees years of dependable service life while maintaining stability throughout every operation.

In conclusion whether you need it for mining purposes or construction activities investing in the S82 air leg rock drill will serve your needs correctly providing you peace of mind knowing that everyone present is safe from harms way while receiving high quality drilling capabilities.

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