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S250 Air leg pneumatic rock drill pusher leg rock drill


Product description:

(S250 jackleg Drill) has been the preferred choice of miners who demand high performance, superior control and lasting reliability. the S250 jackleg allows operators to drill in confined spaces with challenging drilling directions while providing high drilling speeds and strong torque even at low air pressures. Push leg controls are integrated into the rear end of the rig to maximize safety and comfort. jackleg has a large contact area between the main cylinder components to reduce impact pressure and increase product life.


High penetration rate and strong torque even at low air pressure

Minimum downtime and low maintenance cost

Ergonomic controls integrated into drill backhead

Pusher leg controls with push button jackleg retraction

Motorcycle control feed

Available in various configurations – sinker, stopper, and jackleg

Market leader in North & South America

Parts interchangeable with SHENLI S250 jackleg drill


High Durability Long Life

Alloy steel forged parts provide maximum durability.

Removable bushing to protect wear of front head.

Ergonomic Series Available

Anti-vibration handle and noise reduction muffler are available for workers healthcare.

Other Features

Forged latch retainer for quick chisel change.

Multi position throttle for smooth start-up in drilling.

Technical parameters:


33.5 kg

Air consumption @6 Bar

83 l/s

Drill Steel Chuck Hex

22x108 mm

Piston diameter

79.4 mm

Stroke length

67.7 mm

Air Hose Connection

25 mm

Water Connection

13 mm

Impact rate (BPM)


Meet your ultimate drilling companion: The S250 air leg pneumatic rock drill - created specifically for miners who place value on top-quality performance, control, and reliability in their work tools. With a host of outstanding features that make drilling jobs faster and more efficient than ever before, it's no surprise that this powerful tool is preferred by professionals all around! The S250 jackleg drill allows operators to navigate even confined spaces with challenging orientations while providing high speeds for strong torque even at lower air pressures - making every minute spent on site count! Designed with safety first in mind too - its pusher-leg rock drill sits comfortably at the rear end of the rig; maximizing both safety AND comfort as you get down to business! For optimal user experience throughout every job undertaken – large contact areas between cylinder components help reduce impact; ensuring a smooth operation every time! Compact ergonomic design ensures precision when working in tight spaces, and the push leg controls are also ergonomically designed for ease of use.

The intuitive control panel lets you adjust drilling speed and direction to match your requirements, with an easy-to-read gauge that tracks air pressure for maximum performance. The S250 air leg pneumatic rock drill stands out among other drills as one built with durability materials capable of solving even the most challenging drilling tasks efficiently.

Its no wonder professionals prefer this jackleg drill due to its remarkable performance capabilities. This tool has extensive application options ranging from medium to hard rocks formation as well as being capable of producing diameters between 30mm to 42mm.

Maintenance is made simple thanks to the drills design with easy access to internal components. In conclusion the S250 air leg pneumatic rock drill provides superior control, lasting reliability, high speeds, and an ergonomic design that makes it easy for users.

The intuitive controls and robust construction make it an excellent tool for jobs requiring long lasting equipment. If you happen to be in search of a proficient rock drill, then the S250 would make for an ideal choice!

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