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RB777 Pneumatic Pick Air Shovel Cement Crusher Pneumatic Chipping Hammer


Product description:

RB777 pneumatic picks are used to build roads, install works of broken concrete and other hardens Hard object tools, the machine structure is simple, high efficiency, easy to operate,As long as the rod installed, connected to the air source, you can work, is broken hard The ideal tool for the body.

RB777 air pick an applicable scope

1、Coal mining in coal mines, planning the foot pit of the column, opening the ditch;

2、Mining soft rock;

3、Breaking concrete, permafrost, and ice in construction and installation projects;

Technical Parameter:

Total length

Total length 733mm

Machine weight


Cylinder diameter


Hammer body stroke


Recommended working air pressure  

0.63 MPa

Impact frequency

18.3 Hz

Air consumption


Air hose fitting and hose specification


Fuel injector capacity


Brazing tail size


Efficiently crushing hard materials no longer needs to be a challenge thanks to the RB777 pneumatic pick. Ideal for everything from roadwork and concrete installations to mining operations this versatile air powered chipping hammer can tackle tough jobs with ease. Designed with simplicity in mind workers don't need any specialized training or tools; once connected to an air source via its rod setup - which requires minimal assembly time - they're good to go! With its practicality and convenience features like these have made this pneumatic chipping hammer one of the most essential tools across various fields.

If your work involves mining soft rock regularly, then you'll find an air shovel a valuable tool for excavation purposes. Meanwhile, the RB777 pneumatic pick excels at breaking through concrete slabs as well as permafrost or ice chunks used in construction sites. Despite their toughness – these tools are built tough – they feature powerful motors that allow them to cut through even the most stubborn materials without a struggle.

By contrast, using a chipping hammer that generates many strikes per minute allows workers like builders or contractors to turn hard surfaces into rubble quickly and effectively while meeting strict deadlines on projects! Indeed durability is key; that's why whether transporting cargo as part of heavy-duty tasks or dealing with more delicate activities like bricklaying- this equipment holds up well under daily use thanks partly due its durable construction which echoes its quality parts.

Overall if you want results when working with difficult materials - then invest in these versatile tools today! For those in search of a reliable and efficient tool for demanding jobs the RB777 pneumatic pick ticks all the boxes. Its user friendly design and robust build quality make it ideal for a diverse range of applications—from construction sites to mining operations and beyond.

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