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B87C Pneumatic Pick Air Shovel Cement Crusher Pneumatic Chipping Hammer


Product Description:

The B87C crusher is made from Canada. Denver pneumatic Group company mature technology, with compressed air as a power crushing tool, can efficiently complete reinforced concrete, rock, leach, etc crushing work, with more horsepower, higher efficiency, longer life and other characteristics, especially suitable for special the crushing operation of large, thick and hard objects is mine, bridge, road, municipal construction and so on ideal tool for foundation construction.

Applications:Construction and installation work to break concrete, frozen soil and ice, mining soft rock, demolition of walls, pavement, cement, etc;


High Power High Productivity

Long piston stroke provides superior impact energy.

High Durability Easy Maintenance

Reinforced cup retainer for high durability

Replaceable bushing to protect wear of cylinder.

Simple structure for less maintenance

Technical parameters:

Product Model






Working air pressure(MPA)


Impact energy


Impact power


Impact frequency


Air consumption


The inner diameter of gas pipe


Brazing tail specification


Take your tough crushing tasks to the next level with the revolutionary B87C Pneumatic Pick Air Shovel Cement Crusher Pneumatic Chipping Hammer from Denver Pneumatic Group - Canadas leading manufacturer of innovative industrial tools. Boasting cutting edge technology and unmatched power sourced from compressed air this crusher can effortlessly crush reinforced concrete, rock leach and other hard materials that are often deemed impossible by traditional models on the market. With greater horsepower, superior efficiency and extended lifespan vis à vis competitor tools out there in the field today – this tool is perfect for challenging jobs found in bridges; roads; mines; municipal constructions as well as foundational construction projects.

The secret behind its unparalleled performance lies in an advanced pneumatic design which taps into compressed air energy to drive its powerful mechanism that ensures quicker results than those achieved via conventional hydraulic or electric crushers – all whilst ensuring maximum workplace safety through a lack of electrical components. The B87C is both simple to operate and maintain thereby offering a cost friendly crushing solution for even the most demanding projects. Its high performance chipping hammer is uniquely designed to take on tough crushing operations.

Whether you're working with thick concrete or durable rock materials the B87C hammer is the ultimate solution for crushing tasks in construction scenarios. For those who demand reliable tools for challenging operations this innovative design offers a robust and efficient solution. Featuring a more powerful motor and higher efficiency than traditional methods, its not only faster but also much more cost effective.

Moreover its extended lifespan translates to lower maintenance costs—meeting industry professionals' needs while enhancing value over time. With its advanced technology paired with exceptional performance and ease of use the B87C Pneumatic Pick Air Shovel Cement Crusher Pneumatic Chipping Hammer has become a preferred choice for construction experts worldwide. Don't procrastinate any longer.

Acquire the B87C without delay and commence tackling even the most arduous crushing assignments with effortless ease!

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