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B37 Pneumatic Pick Air Shovel Cement Crusher Pneumatic Chipping Hammer


Product Description:

B37 pneumatic crushing pick is a tool powered by compressed air. The compression the air is distributed to the two ends of the cylinder block in turn, so that the hammer body carries on reciprocating movement impact At the end of the drill, drill the drill into the concrete layer to split it into blocks.

Applications:Construction and installation work to break concrete, frozen soil and ice, mining soft rock, demolition of walls, pavement, cement, etc;


High Power High Productivity

Long piston stroke provides superior impact energy.

High Durability Easy Maintenance

Reinforced cup retainer for high durability

Replaceable bushing to protect wear of cylinder.

Simple structure for less maintenance

Technical parameters:

Product Model


Piston diameter (mm)


Piston stroke(mm)


Striking frequency(B.P.M)


Net weight(KG)


Overall length(mm)


Air consumption(m³)


Air tube size(mm)


Brazing tail size(mm)


Size of air inlet(P/T)


Introducing your one-stop solution for efficient cement crushing and chipping activities- The B37 Pneumatic Pick! This air shovel boasts high power and productivity features that deliver superior impact energy, making operations faster than ever before.

With this pneumatic chipping hammer's long piston stroke function, each strike packs a robust punch that breaks through concrete surfaces with ease- thanks to its robust design focused on delivering direct energy to the intended target.

But wait; there's more! The reinforced cup retainer guarantees enhanced durability even after extensive usage- ensuring top condition in productivity always. To further protect the cylinder from wear-and-tear damages, replaceable bushings have been thoughtfully included- guaranteeing wise investment towards long-term efficiency.

The minimal component design makes it user-friendly in both handling and maintenance- making getting back up-to-speed after repairs quick and easy. This pneumatic chipping hammer is built to last, making it one wise investment for any cement crushing and chipping lover! For those looking to enhance their ability to break down concrete surfaces efficiently without compromising reliability or performance at job sites globally—look no further than the excellent product that is the B37 Pneumatic Pick. This tool boasts an unmatched capacity with effortless operation making it essential machinery for businesses requiring high efficiency levels when dealing with such tasks as crushing or chipping solid structures accurately.

Built with robustness in mind from superior materials ensures this state-of-the-art air shovel delivers impressive results always without disappointing even in demanding conditions within tough work environments alike— offering you both exceptional power and durability. With its additional features making it easy to maintain, care for, and versatile in operation— the B37 Pneumatic Pick is an indispensable tool that will revolutionize how you approach concrete surface tasks.

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